Flying cars, things that was a sheer fruit of our imagination, are becoming a reality sooner than expected. This means, by 2029 we’ll already have seen the tangible signs of their inevitable presence. But still, they are likely to introduce a number of challenges to the existing, often outdated infrastructure as well, which is still one of the most significant hurdles of having new means of transportation regardless of the level of autonomy.

One of the most troubling issues faced by the manufacturers and regulators alike, will be the amount of noise that can be made by these vehicles in…

The human-Centered Design process with suggested emphasis on sustainability.

Sustainability-Check Float Cards in Human-Centered Design Process

The chances that you already have heard about the human-centered design process are pretty high. The process essentially became known by IDEO, which actually standardized the steps that lead to a final design and solution. The process itself has a deep consideration of sustainability at its core when it comes to designing products or services. But, how can we add more emphasis on the cradle-to-cradle elements, while doing a creative process such as HCD? …

Nima Darius Parsa

Is a creative designer and thinker

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